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Cats and Karting

Well, it has been as interesting few weeks at Holder Towers. Not only did I have the brutal Jaguar XFR-S on test for a week but I also headed up to Northampton for round 3 of the DMAX karting championship.

The Jag was a triumph, it almost, and I do really mean almost, made it into the top slot of all time favorite test drives. The Maserati GT Sport still holds that crown though, I will explain why in another post perhaps. The big can was just sublime, the power plant was more like a power station, the power delivery was relentless thanks to the super charger…why do we bother with turbos when we can have power from the off?! But it was the fact the sportbrake was a legitimate family car that really made it so amazing. Yes it handled well, yes it puled like a train and sounded like hell on earth but the inner chuckles I felt when I managed to get the wife, 2 kids and a dog in with all their stuff in were joyous.

The karting didn’t go so well and you can read all about my misery on motor-heads.co.uk !

British motoring journalists like me are all starting to smile again now too, the weather is getting better, the rain may well not be so consistent and it means we can get out for some country road test drives on dry tarmac, brilliant!

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