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Do I want a Jag XK?

This question has been knocking around for a while. I want something with a V8 and the X100 Series XK8 is certainly a formidable car. But can I handle the issues?


In terms of looks, its a beast! I love the huge 20 inch BBS Split rim wheels and it is ageing very well as a design. It will last longer than the XJS in terms of appeal and should be a well rounded classic in good time.


OK so here is the big problem, when i started searching for issues I found a lot! Rust is the main killer and after searching for XK rust repair I even found an entire site dedicated to fixing this stuff www.xkrepair.co.uk ….I mean what more do you need to know. If someone runs a business from fixing rot in a car then I think the car is likely to be rather costly to own.

So, do I just let this one go? I was also thinking about a TVR and that could be even more stupid. JLR are not well know for making reliable cars sadly, and that is a massive shame. They have made some amazing cars over the years and the XK8 especially the XK-R versions look like they would be great to own if they worked. Mechanical issues I can kind of accept but being prone to rust is really a problem because it is something that will always be worrying me.

No jag for me…..sadly!

Video Car Reviews

This is a very quick post to show off my first attempt at editing and filming a video road test. Perhaps choosing a car with no roof wasn’t a great idea but it was fun and something I will be doing for most of the test cars I get from now on. I really enjoyed doing it, I just need to get better and planning and perhaps by a mic!

These days motoring journalists need to be able to speak as well as write and oddly that is something I have never had an issue with. I was never that keen on being filmed but doing it myself seems fine.

I hope you enjoy it, get in touch if you want to find out more about this kind of thing or you would like some coverage for a product or car on this site or www.velocitytorque.co.uk 

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