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Good copywriting is not hard to find.

Sometimes I come across some really terrible copy writing; so bad it makes me wince. I am certainly not attacking the people who do their best to write content for their own motoring sites and online shops. No, I am attacking the people that charge small businesses for bad content. Not everyone can write, that is fine, that is also just life. But everyone has the choice in life to be honest and selling themselves as a copy writer, then charging good people money for thier “skills” is essentially theft.

The rise of the internet and search engines has meant many businesses are desperately trying to keep up. Prior to the internet you could run a shop as you saw fit and people responded buy being customers or not. Now many businesses struggle to keep up with online marketing and the amount of content Google likes to see in order for them to rank well. This has lead to hundreds of poor quality SEO and content agencies preying on the innocent business owners under the premise they will improve their rankings.

I am not saying employ me as your motoring copywriter…that is up to you. However, please please check and double check the quality of peoples’ work before you pay them. If you ask for a test piece can often be misleading as it can be written by anyone. You need to ask for live online examples of their work for other companies. If you don’t feel your written English skills are up to proof reading their work, find a friend who can, everyone knows at least one wordy geek like me.

Poor content on your website can lead to you site being penalised by Google, the same can happen if you don’t have enough. So go out and find good people to work with and simply do not tolerate second rate writing. Hopefully if everyone stops paying them they might go away!

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