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In this age of search engines the content on your site is not only important in informing visitors and generating businesses but also in gaining a good position in search engine results pages. It is not just what your motoring website says, its how it says it, how much it says, as well as a number of other factors linked to your overall search marketing strategy that you may or may not yet have in place.lotus elise

I work in the search industry as well as studying digital marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketing so I am well qualified to offer businesses help and advice on the written content of their site. My knowledge and background added to my passion and experience in the motoring sector puts me in a unique position, and allows me to not only write content suitable for modern search engine guidelines but to also make sure it is sympathetic to your business and customers. Many content writers will be able to churn out vast amounts of text, and even make sure its SEO friendly, but they would be unlikely to also know the difference between and turbo and a supercharger, wheel camber and wheel nuts!

maserati car review imageI am very happy to work with your existing SEO company or marketing team to write content to spec. The content side of things can sit quite apart from your ongoing search marketing work, but is essential in its success, as your provider will agree.

I cam also offer a consultancy service where I can go through and take stock of your current content situation and suggest which areas to look at first. Together we can build a content plan for your site depending on your specific needs and budget.

You might be running a small niche motorsport service, a kart track or other UK karting business, you may have a used car site that needs work, or perhaps you are a larger car company looking for an outsourced content writer with deep knowledge of the sector. Whatever your content needs in the motoring industry, get in touch on ade@holdermotoring.co.uk and we can discuss some options.

If you are building a site in the motoring sector, or already have a site but feel its not full of the high quality, relevant content it should be then get in touch to discuss how I can help provide content for motoring websites across a wide subject spectrum.

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