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I think its impossible to love cars and not be interested in motorsport. At its pinicale it not only provides entertainment for millions it is possibly more importantly, often the test bed for what later becomes important technology in road cars. But there are so many levels of motorsport to love and hopefully get involved in. For many the most accessible form of motorsport is karting but there are many other grass root events like autotest, hillcimbs and more. Of course we all love F1 and BTCC but the advent of Formula E and the excitement of the proving ground of GP2 there is so much to be interested in.


I am able to cover any motorsport promotional events, team, track or otherwise. This can be from a local sponsored event to full MSA or CIK approved racing. Get in touch for more information on how I can help provide motorsport coverage and content for races, championships or teams you are involved in by e mailing ade@holdermotoring.co.uk

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