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Anything with an engine…even a search one!

As well as writing about and embracing all things motoring related I am also involved in the SEO industry,  and I take a special interest in automotive SEO specifically.

SEO is often considered somewhat of a mystery and for some people it is not quite on a level with other marketing channels, this is, in the main, misguided and based on hearsay. SEO has certainly been an industry that has changed a great deal since the early days and is now absolutely key to any business hoping to generate consistent, quality leads and sales from their website.

I have found automotive SEO fascinating for some time and have had the pleasure of working with some great companies and chatting with many others about how it has, is or will be a key part of their marketing activity. It is highly measurable, it is invariably cheaper than most forms of marketing and it allows for multiple products and services to be marketed at the same time without having to create separate campaigns.

Good SEO is well planned, carefully executed with search engine guidelines and algorithms in mind and constantly updated, but most of all it is done in sympathy with the industry in which it is  supposed to perform. Having a specialised website for automotive products such as roll cages, racewear, wheels, or fire extinguishers means the content not only has to meet Google guidelines but also has to meet the stringent guidelines of knowledgeable customers reading the pages of the website.

If you would like to discuss how SEO could help you generate more traffic, leads and ultimately revenue for your website, be it a track day business, karting, or equipment, get in touch on ade@holdermotoring.co.uk

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