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Where Have I Been?

A question I am sure you are all asking yourselves every single hour, nay minute!

Well I have just been really really busy. The video review work is taking a lot of time and I have had a run of cars in recently for review. This is coupled with the fact I am doing a lot of online content writing at the moment for various companies. This kind of work may not be as rewarding as car reviews but it is fun and because of my work in SEO and digital marketing I am very well placed to create content that not only works for users but also for the mighty Google.

Is content writing the future? Well it is certainly one way a motoring journalist can supplement the sometimes pitiful earnings coming from magazine content. The snag for a lot of people is that they don’t like the idea their name is not on their work though. Personally I don’t really mind. I love writing and writing is what I am doing, whether or not my ego is enriched is neither here nor there if I am doing what I love and getting paid for it!

In the meantime please do have a snoop at my somewhat Partridge esq videos on this channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7ktmNvMM_fgg_EO6wubtug 

Bye for now!



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