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Busy Busy

Yet again I seem to have failed to keep up to date with my own blogging because I am spending so much time doing other peoples! It is a situation I have seen with contacts who run digital marketing agencies where they simple fail to do any marketing themselves because they are flat out making sure their clients are making lots of money. I may not directly make my clients money in the same way as a marketing agency but I am certainly up to my neck in creating content for them. I am also still busy creating video reviews to go along with the written road tests.

I also found myself having no time for karting either but thankfully I managed to get on track during a recent business trip to Spain. The funny thing was I ended up being a mere second under the track record after just 8 laps. I did go back and try again but that second is actually pretty hard to find so don’t get too excited…I’m not that good.

As Autumn arrives I am waiting to get confirmation of a big writing project so watch this space….or don’t because I probably won’t have time to update it!

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