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As well as being somewhat of a wordsmith I am also very keen on the wonderful, and challenging, world of SEO. For those of you who do not know what that is, the letters simply stand for Search Engine Optimisation. What does that mean I hear you cry? Well, it basically means attempting to get people to the top of Google search results without paying for adverts. However, nothing in the digital world is simple and there are many ways to practice SEO, most of them are risky and can damage your site. However, if done well and within Google’s guidelines, SEO can change a business forever and deliver solid and long lasting rankings and the resulting traffic; not to mention the enquires if the terms being optimised for are correct.

I am really proud to be working with a small race car preparation and engine building company called Hurley Race Engineering who are based near Cambridgeshire. These guys are a proper, honest and hard working race company with over 40 years experience in motorsport. They do anything from a pre race check to building a race car from scratch, the later I find very exciting. The idea of having a project car and going to them with a budget and ending up with a race car is enough to set any petrol head into a spin. Hopefully I will have a budget to do just that at some point but until then I will satisfy myself with working alongside the team and hopefully going to the odd track day or two with them to check out the cars they have built.

If you would like to find out more about automotive SEO and how having someone who knows about motoring looking at your marketing makes all the difference then drop me a line ade@holdermotoring.co.uk

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