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New Website

I am very proud and excited to announce the launch of a brand new site called www.velocitytorque.co.uk . I have created this site with a highly skilled social media, online PR and general thrill seeking friend of mine who also happens to love cars.

The site will be covering news, reviews and all things engine related including bikes! However, it is not just another motoring site, no, we wanted it to cover products and style too. There is very little in the way of dedicated motoring and motorsport clothing  and when we find some we want to talk about it. We also love watches and tech so we thought we would throw some of that in too. This may seem like a broad subject field but it will all be kept very much in a motoring vein.

…and if all that wasn’t enough Velocity Torque will also be looking at experience and track days. These are often such a great way to experience speed and power when your bank account won’t stretch to owning a supercar so we thought its about time people started reviewing them from a motoring point of view.

We are looking for new writers to come and help so if you do want to discuss writing for this new exciting site then get in touch ade@holdermotoring.co.uk

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